Last Update: 2024-05-28 11:25:48 -0700

2.35.0 (2025-05-28)

  • Handle internal_request_configuration blocks in superclasses (jeremyevans, bjeanes)

  • Avoid unused block warning on Ruby 3.4 (jeremyevans)

  • Add throw_rodauth_error method to make it possible to throw without setting a field error (jf) (#418)

  • Support logging out all active sessions for a loaded account that is not logged in (such as after resetting password) (enescakir) (#401)

2.34.0 (2024-03-22)

  • Add remove_all_active_sessions_except_current method for removing current active session (jeremyevans) (#395)

  • Add remove_all_active_sessions_except_for method for removing active sessions except for given session id (jeremyevans) (#395)

  • Avoid overriding WebAuthn internals when using webauthn 3 (santiagorodriguez96, jeremyevans) (#398)

  • Support overriding webauthn_rp_id when verifying Webauthn credentials (butsjoh, jeremyevans) (#397)

  • Override require_login_redirect in login feature to use login_path (janko) (#396)

  • Do not override convert_token_id_to_integer? if the user has already configured it (janko) (#393)

  • Have uses_two_factor_authentication? handle case where account has been deleted (janko) (#390)

  • Add current_route accessor to allow easy determination of which rodauth route was requested (janko) (#381)

2.33.0 (2023-12-21)

  • Expire SMS confirm code after 24 hours by default (jeremyevans)

  • Do not accidentally confirm SMS phone number on successful authentication of other second factor (Bertg) (#376, #377)

  • Return error response instead of 404 response for requests to valid pages with missing tokens (janko) (#375)

  • Do not override existing primary key value in the cached account when inserting a new account (janko) (#372)

2.32.0 (2023-10-23)

  • Remove use of Base64 in argon2 feature (jeremyevans)

  • Add sms_needs_confirmation_notice_flash configuration method, supporting different flash notice for successful submission (jeremyevans)

  • Support *_response configuration methods for overriding common notice flash/redirect handling in many features (HoneyryderChuck, jeremyevans) (#369)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the otp feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the email_base feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the webauthn feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the jwt_refresh feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the single_session feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation in the remember feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support hmac_secret rotation via hmac_old_secret configuration method in the active_sessions feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support argon2 secret rotation via argon2_old_secret configuration method and the update_password_hash feature (jeremyevans) (#365)

  • Support jwt secret rotation via jwt_old_secret configuration method, if using jwt 2.4+ (jeremyevans) (#365)

2.31.0 (2023-08-22)

  • Make clear_session work correctly for internal requests (janko) (#359)

  • Support webauthn_invalid_webauthn_id_message configuration method in the webauthn_autofill feature (janko) (#356)

  • Support webauth features in the internal_request feature (janko) (#355)

  • Allow WebAuthn login to count for two factors if user verification is provided (janko) (#354)

  • Allow explicit use of p_cost in argon2 feature if using argon2 2.1+ (estebanz01) (#353)

  • Add json_response_error? configuration method to json feature, for whether response indicates an error (opya) (#340)

2.30.0 (2023-05-22)

  • Make load_memory in the remember feature not raise NoMethodError if logged in when the account no longer exists (jeremyevans) (#331)

  • Add webauthn_autofill feature, for supporting autofill of webauthn information on the login form (janko) (#328)

2.29.0 (2023-03-22)

  • Support :render=>false plugin options (davekaro) (#319)

  • Add remove_active_session method for removing the active session for a given session id (janko) (#317)

  • Remove current active session when adding new active session (janko) (#314)

  • Extend the remember cookie deadline once an hour by default while logged in (janko, jeremyevans) (#313)

  • Add account! method for returning associated account or loading account based on the session value (janko) (#309)

2.28.0 (2023-02-22)

  • Skip rendering reset password request form on invalid internal request logins (janko) (#303)

  • Make logged_in? return false if using verify_account_grace_period feature and grace_period has expired (janko) (#300)

  • Make password_hash method public (janko) (#299)

  • Add webauthn_key_insert_hash auth method to webauthn feature to control inserts into webauthn keys table (janko) (#298)

2.27.0 (2023-01-24)

  • Rename webauth_credentials_for_get to webauthn_credentials_for_get for consistency (janko) (#295)

  • Hide WebAuthn text inputs by default when using Bootstrap (janko) (#294)

  • Attempt to avoid database errors when invalid tokens are submitted (jeremyevans)

  • Allow button template to be overridden just as other templates can be (jeremyevans) (#280)

2.26.1 (2022-11-08)

  • Fix regression in QR code generation in otp feature causing all black QR code (janko) (#279)

2.26.0 (2022-10-21)

  • Raise a more informative error when using a feature requiring hmac_secret but not setting hmac_secret (janko) (#271)

  • Limit parameter bytesize to 1024 by default, override with max_param_bytesize configuration method (jeremyevans)

  • Skip displaying links for disabled routes (janko) (#269)

  • Do not prefix flash keys with the session key prefix (jeremyevans) (#266)

  • Set configuration_name correctly for internal request classes (janko) (#265)

  • Add argon2_secret configuration method to the argon2 feature to specify the secret/pepper used for argon2 password hashes (janko) (#264)

  • Use white background instead of transparent background for QR code in otp feature (jeremyevans) (#256)

2.25.0 (2022-06-22)

  • Support disabling routes by passing nil/false to *_route methods (janko) (#245)

2.24.0 (2022-05-24)

  • Work around implicit null byte check added in bcrypt 3.1.18 by checking password requirements before other password checks (jeremyevans)

  • Fix invalid HTML on pages with OTP QR codes (jeremyevans)

  • Add recovery_codes_available? configuration method to the recovery_codes feature (janko) (#238)

  • Add otp_available? configuration method to the otp feature (janko) (#238)

2.23.0 (2022-04-22)

  • Don’t automatically set :httponly cookie option if :http_only option is set in remember feature (jeremyevans)

  • Fix invalid domain check in internal_request feature when using Rack 3 (jeremyevans)

  • Make removing all multifactor authentication methods mark session as not authenticated by SMS (janko) (#235)

  • Use use_path option when rendering QR code to svg in the otp feature, to reduce svg size (jeremyevans)

2.22.0 (2022-03-22)

  • Ignore parameters where the value includes a null byte by default, add null_byte_parameter_value configuration method for customization (jeremyevans)

  • Handle sessions created before active_sessions feature was enabled during logout (jeremyevans) (#224)

  • Add reset_password_notify for emailing users after successful password resets (jeremyevans)

  • An email method can now be used in external features to DRY up email creation code (jeremyevans)

  • The change_password_notify feature now correctly handles template precompilation (jeremyevans)

  • Fix update_sms to update stored sms hash (bjeanes) (#222)

2.21.0 (2022-02-23)

  • Avoid extra bcrypt hashing on account verification when using account_password_hash_column (janko) (#217)

  • Make require_account public (janko) (#212)

  • Force specific date/time format when displaying webauthn last use time (jeremyevans)

  • Automatically clear the session in require_login if users go beyond verify account grace period (janko) (#211)

  • Fix typo in default value of global_logout_label in active_sessions plugin (sterlzbd) (#209)

2.20.0 (2022-01-24)

  • Change the default implementation of webauth_rp_id to not include the port (jeremyevans) (#203)

  • Make logout of all sessions in active_sessions plugin also remove remember key if using remember plugin (jeremyevans)

2.19.0 (2021-12-22)

  • Add login_maximum_bytes, setting the maximum number of bytes in a login, 255 by default (jeremyevans)

  • Add password_maximum_bytes, setting the maximum number of bytes in a password, nil by default for no limit (jeremyevans)

  • Add password_maximum_length, setting the maximum number of characters in a password, nil by default for no limit (jeremyevans)

  • Support multi-level inheritance of Rodauth::Auth (janko) (#191)

  • Allow internal_request feature to work correctly when loaded into custom Rodauth::Auth subclasses before loading into a Roda application (janko) (#190)

  • Assign internal subclass created by internal_request feature to the InternalRequest constant (janko) (#187)

2.18.0 (2021-11-23)

  • Allow JSON API access to /multifactor-manage to get links to setup/disable multifactor authentication endpoints (jeremyevans)

  • Allow JSON API access to /multifactor-auth to get links to possible multifactor authentication endpoints (jeremyevans)

  • Set configuration_name on class passed via :auth_class option if not already set (janko, jeremyevans) (#181)

  • Use viewbox: true option when creating QR code in otp feature, displays better and easier to style when using rqrcode 2+ (jeremyevans)

  • Make argon2 feature work with argon2 2.1.0 (jeremyevans)

2.17.0 (2021-09-24)

2.16.0 (2021-08-23)

2.15.0 (2021-07-27)

  • Add path_class_methods feature, for getting paths/URLs using class methods (jeremyevans)

  • Make default base_url method use configured domain (janko) (#171)

  • Add internal_request feature, for interacting with Rodauth by calling methods (jeremyevans, janko)

2.14.0 (2021-06-22)

  • Make jwt_refresh feature allow refresh with expired access tokens even if prefix is not set correctly (jeremyevans) (#168)

  • Make internal account_in_unverified_grace_period? method handle accounts missing or unverified accounts (janko, jeremyevans) (#167)

  • Add remembered_session_id configuration method for getting session id from valid remember token if present (bjeanes) (#166)

2.13.0 (2021-05-22)

  • Make jwt_refresh expired access token support work when using rodauth.check_active_sessions before calling r.rodauth (renchap) (#165)

  • Update default templates to add classes for Bootstrap 5 compatibility (janko) (#164)

  • Add set_error_reason configuration method to allow applications more finer grained error handling (renchap, jeremyevans) (#162)

2.12.0 (2021-04-22)

  • Add configuration methods to active_sessions plugin to control the inserting and updating of rows (janko) (#159)

2.11.0 (2021-03-22)

  • Add same_as_current_login_message and contains_null_byte_message configuration methods to increase translatability (dmitryzuev) (#158)

  • Allow the rodauth plugin to be loaded without a block (janko) (#157)

  • Use new-password autocomplete value for the password fields on the reset password form (basabin54) (#155)

  • Support :auth_class plugin option, to use a specific class instead of creating a Rodauth::Auth subclass (janko) (#153)

  • Make Rodauth configuration work correctly if the rodauth plugin is loaded more than once (janko) (#152)

2.10.0 (2021-02-22)

  • Add argon2 feature to allow use of the argon2 password hash algorithm instead of bcrypt (AlexeyMatskevich, jeremyevans) (#147)

  • Avoid unnecessary previous password queries when using disallow_password_reuse feature with create_account or verify_account features (AlexeyMatskevich, jeremyevans) (#148)

2.9.0 (2021-01-22)

  • Split jwt feature into json and jwt features, with the json feature using standard session support (janko, jeremyevans) (#145)

  • Mark remember cookie as only transmitted over HTTPS by default if created via an HTTPS request (janko) (#144)

2.8.0 (2021-01-06)


    Set HttpOnly on remember cookie by default so it cannot be accessed by Javascript (janko) (#142)

  • Clear JWT session when rodauth.clear_session is called if the Roda sessions plugin is used (janko) (#140)

2.7.0 (2020-12-22)

  • Avoid method redefinition warnings in verbose warning mode (jeremyevans)

  • Return expired access token error message in the JWT refresh feature when using an expired token when it isn’t allowed (AlexyMatskevich) (#133)

  • Allow Rodauth features to be preloaded, instead of always trying to require them (janko) (#136)

  • Use a default remember cookie path of ‘/’, though this may cause problem with multiple Rodauth configurations on the same domain (janko) (#134)

  • Add auto_remove_recovery_codes? to the recovery_codes feature, for automatically removing the codes when disabling multifactor authentication (SilasSpet, jeremyevans) (#135)

2.6.0 (2020-11-20)

  • Avoid loading features multiple times (janko) (#131)

  • Add around_rodauth method for running code around the handling of all Rodauth routes (bjeanes) (#129)

  • Fix javascript for registration of multiple webauthn keys (bjeanes) (#127)

  • Add allow_refresh_with_expired_jwt_access_token? configuration method to jwt_refresh feature, for allowing refresh with expired access token (jeremyevans)

  • Promote setup_account_verification to public API, useful for automatically sending account verification emails (jeremyevans)

2.5.0 (2020-10-22)

  • Add change_login_needs_verification_notice_flash for easier translation of change_login_notice_flash when using verify_login_change (bjeanes, janko, jeremyevans) (#126)

  • Add login_return_to_requested_location_path for controlling path to use as the requested location (HoneyryderChuck, jeremyevans) (#122, #123)

2.4.0 (2020-09-21)

  • Add session_key_prefix for more easily using separate session keys when using multiple configurations (janko) (#121)

  • Add password_pepper feature for appending a secret key to passwords before they are hashed, supporting secret rotation (janko) (#119)

2.3.0 (2020-08-21)

  • Return an error status instead of an invalid access token when trying to refresh JWT without an access token in the jwt_refresh feature (jeremyevans)

  • Allow {create,drop}_database_authentication_functions to work with UUID keys (monorkin, janko) (#117)

  • Add rodauth.login(‘login_type’) for logging in after setting a valid account (janko) (#114)

  • Make new refresh token available to the after_refresh_token hook by setting it in the response first (jeremyevans)

  • Make the jwt_refresh plugin call before_jwt_refresh_route hook (previously the configuration method was ignored) (AlexeyMatskevich) (#110)

  • Add login_email_regexp, login_not_valid_email_message, and log_valid_email? configuration methods (janko) (#107)

2.2.0 (2020-07-20)

  • Allow removing all jwt_refresh tokens when logging out by providing a value of “all” as the token to remove (jeremyevans)

  • Allow removing specific jwt_refresh token when logging out by providing the token to remove (jeremyevans)

  • Avoid NoMethodError when checking if session is authenticated when using two factor auth, verify_account_grace_period, and email_auth (jeremyevans) (#105)

  • Reduce queries in authenticated? and require_authentication when using two factor authentication (janko) (#106)

  • Treat verify_account_email_resend returning false as an error in the verify_account feature (jeremyevans)

  • Fix use of password_dictionary configuration method in password_complexity feature (jeremyevans)

  • Remove unnecessary conditionals (jeremyevans)

  • Add otp_last_use to the otp feature, returning the time of last successful OTP use (jeremyevans) (#103)

2.1.0 (2020-06-09)

  • Do not check CSRF tokens by default for requests using JWT (janko, jeremyevans) (#99)

  • Use new-password autocomplete value for password field when creating accounts (jeremyevans) (#98)

  • Consistently use json_response_body for all JSON responses in jwt feature (arthurmmoreira) (#97)

  • Add check_csrf configuration method to customize CSRF checking (janko) (#96)

  • Have logged_in? when using http_basic_auth feature check for basic authentication (jeremyevans) (#94)

  • Don’t consider account open if in unverified grace period without password (janko) (#92)

2.0.0 (2020-05-06)

  • Do not show email auth as an option for unverified accounts if using the verify_account_grace_period feature (jeremyevans) (#88)

  • Generate unlock account key outside of send_unlock_account_email, similar to other email methods (janko) (#89)

  • Default otp_drift to 30 in the otp feature (jeremyevans)

  • Add rodauth.require_http_basic_auth to http_basic_auth feature, similar to require_login (janko) (#86)

  • Rename require_http_basic_auth to require_http_basic_auth? in http_basic_auth feature (janko) (#86)

  • Change http_basic_auth feature to use rodauth.http_basic_auth for handling basic authentication, similar to rodauth.load_memory (janko) (#86)

  • Do not call already_logged_in if logged in when accessing verify_login_change page (janko) (#87)

  • HTML id attributes now use - instead of _ in recovery_codes and remember features (jeremyevans)

  • Allow *_path and *_url methods to accept a hash of query parameters (janko) (#84)

  • Use a danger button when closing accounts (janko) (#83)

  • Handle invalid form inputs in a more bootstrap compatible manner (janko) (#83)

  • Use standard vertical Bootstrap forms instead of horizontal forms in templates (janko) (#83)

  • Make templates compatible with Bootstrap 4, and still display correctly with Bootstrap 3 (janko) (#83)

  • Add check_csrf_opts and check_csrf_block for arguments to the check_csrf! call before Rodauth route dispatching (jeremyevans)

  • Add audit_logging feature, logging changes to a database table (jeremyevans)

  • Add hook_action configuration method, called after all before/after hooks (jeremyevans)

  • Enable email rate limiting by default in lockout, reset_password, and verify_account features (jeremyevans)

  • Add session_expiration_error_status method to the session_expiration feature, used for JSON requests where session has expired (jeremyevans)

  • Add domain configuration method to set an explicit domain, instead of relying on the host of the request (jeremyevans)

  • Add inactive_session_error_status to single_session feature, used for JSON requests where session is no longer active (jeremyevans)

  • Prevent use of previous JWT access tokens after refresh when using jwt_refresh and active_sessions features (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of jwt_check_accept? from false to true in the jwt feature (jeremyevans)

  • Automatically check CSRF tokens before calling any Rodauth route by default, allow disabling using check_csrf? false (jeremyevans)

  • Add translate(key, default_value) configuration method and have it affect all translatable content (jeremyevans)

  • Add *_page_title configuration methods for all *_view configuration methods (jeremyevans)

  • Default to using Roda’s route_csrf plugin for CSRF support, with :csrf=>:rack_csrf available for using rack_csrf (jeremyevans)

  • Allow ability for user to fix an incorrect login when requesting a password reset (janko, jeremyevans) (#76)

  • Add two_factor_auth_return_to_requested_location? to support returning to original page after successful second factor authentication (janko) (#69)

  • Add login_return_to_requested_location? to support returning to original page after successful login (janko) (#69)

  • Add rodauth.require_password_authentication method to confirm_password feature (janko, jeremyevans) (#75)

  • Make remember feature no longer depend on confirm_password (janko) (#79)

  • Replace {create_account,reset_password_request,verify_account_resend}_link configuration methods with *_link_text (janko) (#77)

  • Remove remembered_session_key configuration method, no longer needed (janko) (#80)

  • Add rodauth.possible_authentication_methods for the available authentication methods for the account (jeremyevans)

  • Add active_sessions feature for disabling session reuse after logout, and allowing global logout of all sessions (jeremyevans)

  • Add webauthn_verify_account feature for passwordless WebAuthn setup during account verification (jeremyevans)

  • Allow confirm_password feature to operate as second factor authentication if using webauthn login (jeremyevans)

  • Add webauthn_login feature for passwordless login via WebAuthn (jeremyevans)

  • Do not allow two factor authentication using same type as primary authentication (jeremyevans)

  • Do not require passwords by default if the account does not have a password (jeremyevans)

  • Remove clear_remembered_session_key and two_factor_session_key configuration methods, no longer needed (jeremyevans)

  • Store authentication methods used in the session, available via rodauth.authenticated_by (jeremyevans)

  • Do not require login confirmation by default if verifying accounts or login changes (jeremyevans)

  • Add mark_input_fields_with_inputmode? and inputmode_for_field? configuration methods for controlling inputmode (jeremyevans)

  • Support and enable inputmode=numeric attributes by default for otp auth code and sms code fields (jeremyevans)

  • Add sms_phone_input_type and default to tel instead of using text for SMS phone input (jeremyevans)

  • Add mark_input_fields_with_autocomplete? and autocomplete_for_field? configuration methods for controlling autocomplete (jeremyevans)

  • Support and enable autocomplete attributes by default for fields (jeremyevans)

  • Add login_uses_email? configuration method for whether to treat logins as email addresses (jeremyevans)

  • Remove the verify change login feature, users should switch to the verify login change feature (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of json_response_success_key to success in the jwt feature (jeremyevans)

  • Remove deprecated account_model configuration method (jeremyevans)

  • Remove all deprecated configuration and runtime method aliases in the lockout, verify_account, email_auth, reset_password, and verify_login_change features (jeremyevans)

  • Remove deprecated before_otp_authentication_route configuration method (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of login_input_type to email if login_column is :email (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of mark_input_fields_as_required? to true (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of verify_account_set_password? in verify_account feature to true (jeremyevans)

  • Change default setting of json_response_custom_error_status? in jwt feature to true (jeremyevans)

  • Add auto_add_recovery_codes? configuration method to recovery codes feature, and default to false (jeremyevans)

  • Add base_url configuration method to set an explicit base for URLs, instead of relying on the base_url of the request (jeremyevans)

  • Add webauthn feature to handle WebAuthn authentication (jeremyevans)

  • Fix corner cases when disabling a second factor when multiple second factors have been setup (jeremyevans)

  • Don’t override second factor used to authenticate when setting up additional second factor authentication (jeremyevans)

  • Add two factor auth, manage, and disable pages (jeremyevans)

  • Drop support for Ruby 1.8 (jeremyevans)


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