Last Update: 2021-11-23 08:27:26 -0800

New Features

  • When using the json and multifactor auth features, the JSON API can now access the multifactor-manage route to get lists of endpoints for setting up and disabling supported multifactor authentication methods. The JSON API can now also access the multifactor-auth route to get a list of endpoints for multifactor authentication for the currently logged in account.

Other Improvements

  • In the otp feature, the viewbox: true rqrcode option is now used when creating the QR code. This results in a QR code that is displayed better and is easier to style. This option only has an effect when using rqrcode 2+.

  • When using the :auth_class option when loading the rodauth plugin, the configuration name is set in the provided auth class, unless the auth class already has a configuration name set.

  • The example migration now recommends using a partial index on the email column in cases where the database supports partial indexes. Previously, it only recommended it on PostgreSQL.

  • The argon2 feature now works with argon2 2.1.0. Older versions of Rodauth work with both earlier and later versions of argon2, but not 2.1.0.