Last Update: 2023-03-22 07:35:34 -0700

New Features

  • When using the remember feature, by default, the remember deadline is extended while logged in, if it hasn’t been extended in the last hour

  • An account! method has been added, which will return the hash for the account if already retrieved, or attempt to retrieve the account hash using the currently logged in session if not. Because of the ambiguity in the provenance of the returned account hash, callers should be careful when using this method.

  • A remove_active_session method has been added. You can call this method with a specific session id, and it will remove the related active session.

  • A render: false plugin option is now support, which will disable the automatic loading of the render plugin. This should only be used if you are completely replacing Rodauth’s view rendering with your own.

Other Improvements

  • When logging in when using the active_sessions feature, if there is a current active session, it is removed before a new active session is created. This prevents some stale active sessions from remaining in the database (which would eventually be cleaned up later).