Last Update: 2021-03-22 12:13:31 -0700

New Features

  • An :auth_class rodauth plugin option has been added, allowing a user to specify a specific Rodauth::Auth subclass to use, instead of always using a new subclass of Rodauth::Auth. This is designed for advanced configurations or other frameworks that build on top of Rodauth, which may want to customize the Rodauth::Auth subclasses to use.

  • Two additional configuration methods have been added for easier translatability, fixing issues where English text was hardcoded:

Other Improvements

  • Loading the rodauth plugin multiple times in the same application with different blocks now works better. The same context is now shared between the blocks, so you can load features in one block and call configuration methods added by the feature in the other block. Previously, you could only call configuration methods in the block that added the feature, and enabling a feature in a block that was already enabled in a previous block did not allow the use of configuration methods related to the feature.

  • Passing a block when loading the rodauth plugin is now optional.

  • The autocomplete attribute on the reset password form now uses new-password instead of current-password.