Last Update: 2022-03-22 08:19:01 -0700

New Features

  • Rodauth now ignores parameters containing ASCII NUL bytes (“0”) by default. You can customize this behavior using the null_byte_parameter_value configuration method.

  • A reset_password_notify feature has been added for emailing users after successful password resets.

  • External features can now use the email method inside their feature definitions to DRY up the creation of email configuration methods. The email method will setup the following configuration methods for the feature:

    • ${name}_email_subject

    • ${name}_email_body

    • create_${name}_email

    • send_${name}_email

Other Improvements

  • The active_sessions feature now correctly handles logouts for sessions that were created before the active_sessions feature was added to the Rodauth configuration.

  • The change_password_notify feature now works correctly when using template precompilation.

  • The update_sms method now updates the in-memory sms hash instead of the in-memory account hash. This only has an effect if you are using the sms_codes feature and customizing Rodauth to access one of these hashes after a call to update_sms.

Backwards Compatibility

  • If your application requires the ability to submit values containing ASCII NUL bytes (“0”) as Rodauth parameters, you should use the new null_byte_parameter_value configuration method to pass the value through unchanged:

    null_byte_parameter_value do |_, v|