Last Update: 2020-10-22 08:34:46 -0700

New Features

  • A login_return_to_requested_location_path configuration method has been added to the login feature. This controls the path to redirect to if using login_return_to_requested_location?. By default, this is the same as the fullpath of the request that required login if that request was a GET request, and nil if that request was not a GET request. Previously, the fullpath of that request was used even if it was not a GET request, which caused problems as browsers use a GET request for redirects, and it is a bad idea to redirect to a path that may not handle GET requests.

  • A change_login_needs_verification_notice_flash configuration method has been added to the verify_login_change feature, for allowing translations when using the feature and not using the change_login_notice_flash configuration method.

Other Improvements

  • new_password_label is now translatable.