Last Update: 2020-04-08 15:16:21 -0700

Documentation for Email Base Feature

The email base feature is automatically loaded when you use a Rodauth feature that requires sending emails.

Auth Value Methods


When hmac_secret is used, this allows the use of the raw token. This should only be set to true temporarily during a transition period from using raw tokens to using HMACed tokens. After the transition period, this should not be set, as setting this to true removes the security that HMACed tokens add.


Where to redirect after sending an email. This is the default redirect location for all redirects after an email is sent when the account is not logged in. Also includes cases where an email is not sent due to rate limiting.


The from address to use for emails sent by Rodauth.


The prefix to use for email subjects


Set to false to not require mail, useful if using a different library for sending email.

Auth Methods

create_email(subject, body)

Return a Mail::Message instance with the given subject and body.


The email address to send emails to, by default the login of the current account.


Deliver a given Mail::Message instance.