Last Update: 2020-03-06 08:15:03 -0800

New Features

  • When the email_auth feature is used, the link to request email authentication is now displayed if the user inputs an incorrect password. Previously, it was only shown if the user had not yet entered a password.

  • A send_email configuration method has been added, which can be overridden to customize email delivery (such as logging such email). The configuration method block accepts a Mail::Message argument.

  • All rodauth.*_route methods that return the name of the route segment now have rodauth.*_path and rodauth.*_url equivalents, which return the path and URL for the related routes, respectively. The rodauth.*_path methods are useful when constructing links to the related Rodauth pages on the same site, and the rodauth.*_url methods are useful for constructing link to the Rodauth pages from other sites or in email.

Other Improvements

  • Specs have been removed from the gem file, reducing gem size by over 20%.

  • rodauth.authenticated? now returns true on the OTP setup page when using the otp feature. Previously, this method returned false on the OTP setup page. However, as the user has not yet setup OTP when viewing this page, they should be considered fully authenticated, as they would be if they viewed any other page before setting up OTP. This change probably only affects cases where the layout uses rodauth.authenticated?.